Annual ORFED Meeting was a Success!

The Annual ORFED Meeting was a Success!

At the annual ORFED meeting, United Fire was pleased to have a large turnout of our employees (volunteering their Saturday)  to stay up to date with today’s code changes and requirements. Here is a little bit about the conference and the awesome speakers that presented:

Raef Parmalee from Oregon OSHA gave great dialogue regarding OSHA law and how it relates to our business and how we can better serve our clients.








Craig Voelkert gave a detailed speech about NFPA requirements related to Aircraft Facilities. Craig is one of the most informative individuals in the fire protection industry and it is always a pleasure when he comes to present!








As we all know, food trucks are a centerpiece of the Portland food culture. We all love to grab some delicious grub from a food truck but how exactly do we service our food truck clients? The regulations on Food Trucks are in a gray area and it was nice to have some open discussion about it presented by Jamie Knowles.








There were some great presenters that really added value to our company and added awesome dialogue for our technicians to hear. They are now up to date on many of the current NFPA changes that we are seeing in 2017. Fire extinguishers are a person’s first line of defense in fighting a fire and we want to ensure our technicians have the access to learn about these changes to better protect and service our clients.

This should help our community become a safer place to work and live.